Greenlandic design in black and white

My corner (and our daughter :) in our living room.

A few weeks ago I bought this ink drawing (below) from Uluz. Uluz is a creative workshop owned by Kirsten Schmidt-Pedersen who lives in Denmark. She grew up with two cultures – the Danish and Greenlandic, just like I did. I like the style and at the same time I can relate to the substance of her works as they deal with her cultural background from Greenland. This drawing is called “Life under the ice”.


Left: A print of an arctic hare from the cover of Uri Golmans book “Arctic Light”. Right: My new ink drawing by Kirsten Schmidt-Pedersen “Life under the ice”.


And then a few days ago I saw this pillow in a posting on facebook. A few hours later I bought it and now it’s in my corner :-) It made by the Greenlandic designer Lis Stender. She just started a design workshop Inuk Design, and calls her design “Modern Greenlandic Culture design accessories”. I love the symbols: the man, the woman, the ulo and the seal. The core criteria for the survival of my ancestors! And it fits perfectly into my current passion for black and white patterns :)

Pillow with inuit symbols by Inuk Design.


New shoes for the couch?


Four weeks ago we sold our Karlstad IKEA couch because my other half believed that his back got sore from sitting in it. I was’nt happy getting rid of it, because I like it a lot. It is such a simple, natural, light, classic couch and at the same time it has so many opportunities! There is a huge range of coordinated covers that makes it so easy to give it a new look, it is easy to keep clean, and it has these removable armrests so you can add on chaise longs if you want.

An IKEA Karlstad couch wearing it’s included casual “shoes”. They’re ok, but lacks a little personality!


And now I’ve just discovered PrettyPegs! PrettyPegs are replaceable furniture legs that elegantly give particularly your IKEA couch some much needed character. With a little ingenuity I think PrettyPegs might be installed on almost any sofa. But still I miss my Karlstad…

By the way, I first discovered the PrettyPegs on (

Experimenting with Alaska Willow

Now I’ve got (my first) Alaska Willow branches. I’ve heard that the willow bark contains a natural growth hormone making it very easy to propagate from cuttings and that I should just put them in the ground as they are and they will grow. So I picked out some good spots in our garden and put the branches in the ground.

Newly planted Alaska Willow branch.

Then I Googled ”propagating willow” (after planting them of course…) and found out that maybe I should have cut the top off? And maybe my cuttings are too big? So I pulled up one of the newly planted branches and cut off the small branches from the stem and planted them in some juice cartons filled with soil. I planted the stem too.

Propagating willow in juice cartons.

I’m pretty excited to see if they will grow…

I want… For the kitchen

Right now the dining area in our kitchen is used as storage space for building materials. Every time I come by I fantasize a little about how to decorate the room when all the building materials are gone. Of course I can’t just decorate it as it was before, that would just be wrong ;) These items are very welcome in our kitchen:

The background is wallpaper “Little Trees” from MissPrint ( I very much like the dusty gray-green color!

  1. Mugs, “Moment” from Rosendahl (
  2. Radio, “Model One” from Tivoli Audio (
  3. Vase whit lid/glass container from Louise Roe (
  4. Pin board from Oyoy (
  5. Candle holders, “Tippetop” from Oyoy (

Those hooks…

The Muuto hooks and Anne Black’s porcelain hooks keeps popping up in my mind when I think of how to add some mood to our new (a little monochrome) white closet doors. I think those hooks are so nice, but on the other hand, I’d like something more “recent”… I’ve seen both Muuto and Anne Black in the interior magazines for some years (?) now and they still keep appearing. So I started searching for some news, but haven’t found the right ones yet. I think I’ll just hang the Anne Black and Muuto hooks in this post and give it a rest for now…

Porcelain hooks from the Danish designer Anne Black.

The Dots from Muuto designed by the Danish designer Lars Tornøe.


White closet doors done!

I found the handles in the local charity shop. They are originally from IKEA.

I finally finished the closet doors. Suddenly it’s all very white! But that is what I wanted and I like it :) It is a nice contrast to the gray wall on the opposite side. I’ll spend some time today searching the web for nice coat hooks to put on the doors and maybe a new laundry basket :)

The thing hanging on the wall is a DIY wall art project that I made a few years ago.

Q20 now in english

I started this blog writing in Danish, but now I will try to write in English. English is not my first language, so please forgive my spelling and grammar. Most of the blogs I read are in english, so I think it will be most equitable that I write in English from now on. That way I can improve my English too :-)

I will soon translate my previous posts.